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Smarthome Redesign

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With recent trends towards the creation of Smart Home Forward home,

UX Designer & Researcher

With Benjamin Stone & Payal Bhujwala

Using Figma

*Best viewed on desktop/tablet display

Mobile App Audit

Redefining the way people can compost and recycle properly at Carnegie Mellon University with these key features:

Non-device Favorites

Design about non-device favorites…

information about

. . .

Design Process


With the rise of global warming and toxic waste, sustainable waste management practices help to save and preserve our environment. But do people know how to recycle and compost properly?

Many institutions, such as Carnegie Mellon University, strive to implement proper waste management instructions for students and staff to follow. However waste management remains a very confusing ordeal.

The proper identification and sorting of compost and recyclable materials are essential.

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